Select a Folder using VC++

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Programming Tips, VC++, Visual Studio, Windows, XP
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To select a folder use the following code snippet where you want.

BROWSEINFO stBrowseInfo;
TCHAR pszSelectedFolder[MAX_PATH];

stBrowseInfo.hwndOwner          = m_hWnd;
stBrowseInfo.pidlRoot           = NULL;
stBrowseInfo.pszDisplayName     = pszSelectedFolder;
stBrowseInfo.lpszTitle          = _T( "Select Your Folder" );
stBrowseInfo.ulFlags            = BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS ;
stBrowseInfo.lpfn               = NULL;
stBrowseInfo.lParam             = 0;
lpSelectedPid                   = SHBrowseForFolder( &stBrowseInfo );

SHGetPathFromIDList( lpSelectedPid, pszSelectedFolder );
m_csFolderName                  = pszSelectedFolder;
UpdateData( FALSE );

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