15 Most Useful and Best Portable Applications

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Applications, Tips and Tricks, Vista, Windows, Windows 7, XP



Portable Applications are really easy to use you do not have to install them just double click and start using. The other great use of portable apps is that you can carry them in your USB thumb drive or mobile hard disk and use them on which ever pc you want directly from your device, saves time and hiccup of installing software on pc which you are temporarily using. In this post I’ll be putting all the portable apps which I think are best and most useful keep on reading and download the one like 😉

1. Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition

Who in the world does not know about Mozilla Firefox?! (if still there is someone who do not know, welcome to 21st century please read this ) If you are in an internet cafe or your friend’s home who do not use firefox and you badly need firefox to finish your work or browse web with your own bookmarks and saved passwords then download this portable version of firefox and copy to your USB memory stick just like you carry First Aid kit with you.

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