Multiple Logins with Yahoo Messenger

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Tips and Tricks


How many yahoo accounts do you have? Or how many friends do you have? How many contacts on your yahoo messenger?

You love to express yourself personally or professionally and that why you use two yahoo ID? Right? Or you have some problem on your old yahoo ID?

But, till now you want to use your old YAHOO ID and new YAHOO ID from one PC. Normally, Yahoo Messenger didn’t support it. You can login with multiple id’s on the same Yahoo! messenger without any download or patch.

Here, Short Instruction for you to use multi yahoo messenger.

Follow these steps:-

1. Go to Start —- Run. Type regedit, then enter .

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER ——– Software — Yahoo! —–pager—-Test

3. On the right pane , right-click and choose new Dword value .

4. Rename it as Plural.

5. Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.

That’s it.

Now close registry and restart Yahoo! Messenger.

For signing in with new YAHOO ID open another messenger open as many messengers you need.


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