Google Launches Plus One

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Google Rolls Out Plus One

Google is rolling out a new service that will allow its members to share their opinions of web pages with friends. The service, called Plus One, will allow users to give their recommendations to contacts in their Gmail account, Google reader, and Buzz initially, and there are plans to further expand this to Twitter contacts. Google is also planning on extending the service to news sites to allow them to include the Plus One function with stories. There is no announcement of plans to incorporate Facebook contacts at this time.

Unfortunately, only 2 percent of Google’s English-language users will be included in the initial trial of the service. This new function is seen by many as an attempt by Google to copy Facebook’s “Like” function, but the search giant is denying the claim pointing out the differences. Their service, unlike Facebook’s, will only be provided during similar relevant searches instead of a blanket distribution to all contacts in a spam fashion. They also say that there are plans to allow users to select whether the recommendations are taken into account when they perform web searches. The company is hopeful for Plus One, considering that many see the social services of the internet as where the future lies.


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