Intel and AMD Processor Comparison

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Tips and Tricks

The competition is quite stern between Intel and AMD processors today. But then it is important to do an Intel and AMD processor comparison, in order to learn more about them. Let’s find it out here.

Today, there are only two largest manufacturers of processors and they are Intel and AMD. These big names are synonymous with the laptop processors available today. Also there is a big competition between AMD vs. Intel to improvise their individual products to the maximum, so as to rein the market. As a consumer, it is important to do an Intel and AMD processor comparison, so as to get a better understanding about what these two have to offer.

CPUs are known to be as the power house or the brain of a computer. This brain analyses and is responsible for the overall performance of the system. If it is of a bigger capacity, then the output will be more. If it is degraded then the performance will be degraded too. Today, PCs are transforming into laptops. Exceptions are obviously there, with some real mean machines which will take considerable amount of time to be put in the size of a laptop. What I am talking about is the larger demand for laptops over computers. In these laptops, there aren’t CPUs but there are processors instead. Hence, Intel and AMD processor comparison is vital in this case.

AMD vs Intel Processors

Intel is a big name today and it is clearly visible that Intel has dominated the market in the war between AMD vs Intel processors. And that is because of its high efficient products and the high sale figures. However, it’s not like AMD doesn’t do good business. It definitely does and has to offer high performance with economical prices. If you are left wondering as to which is better – AMD or Intel, let’s do a comparison of Intel and AMD processors.

High End Processors

Intel Core i7 and AMD Phenom II X6

When it comes to the high end processors, Intel has its Intel core i7 and the AMD is armoured with the Phenom II X6. Intel’s Core i series of processors are the newest and is of the latest technology. The Intel i7 offers 2, 4 or 6 core and is of a 64-bit processor. It comes with Hyper Threading; it is a technology which boosts the performance of your system. It also comes with Turbo Boost Technology which increases the overall performance and takes into consideration number of active cores, power consumption, processor temperature etc. On the other hand AMDs Phenom II X6 is its first six-core processor, for optimized and highest level of performance.

Intel Core i5 and AMD Phenom II X4

Intel’s Core i5 built on the same line of that of Core i7 is one level down of the Core i7. It is also a 64-bit processor and of 2 or 4 core capacity. The i5 also comes with Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost Technology, but then has lesser cache memory. AMD’s Phenom II X4 is amongst the latest AMD processors. It consists of quad-core Phenom II X6 chips which are built to exceptional quality multimedia use and advanced applications.

Intel Core i3 and AMD Phenom II X3 & X2

Intel’s Core i3 processor is relatively an economical processor in its class. It is one level down of the Core i5 processor. As compared to other Core 2 processors, it of course has an upper hand. It comes with Hyper Threading, but then does not include the Turbo Boost technology. Its counterpart from AMD, the Phenom II X3 & X2 is said to be of a 3 or 2 core capacity. It is a great value for money with great overall performance and is very economical.

Mid-Range Processors

Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Phenom II X3 & Phenom II X4

Intel’s Core 2 Duo has the reputation of being amongst the most sold processors because of it efficiency and value for money price tag. Its efficiency lies in its two processing cores which enhances the video, gaming and image output. AMD’s Phenom I X3 & X4 forayed into consumer class processors with these. They are triple and quad core processors along with 64-bit computing capabilities.

Intel Pentium Dual Core and AMD Turion II / Ultra

Intel’s Dual Core is a predecessor of the Core 2 Duo chipset. It is based on the Core micro-architecture. It offers decent multimedia output. AMD’s Turion II and Turion II Ultra did good business for AMD, reason being their excellent multimedia output as compared to Dual Core as they mostly come with AMD or ATI graphics and are economically priced.

Basic Processors

Intel Centrino/Centrino Duo and AMD Sempron

Intel and AMD processor comparison doesn’t end only until here, but the differences can also be made in smaller processors class. Centrino processors from Intel were the best for mobile-computing. Best for small laptops within its class. Equivalent to the Centrino from Intel, the Sempron processor is found in few low budget laptops and desktop. These processors are for some basic computing uses like internet browsing, basic office work, email etc.

Intel Atom and AMD Athlon Neo / Neo X2

Most found in netbooks and net tops. Intel’s Atom processor was designed to keep in mind the power consumption and the price. As compared to other processors from Intel, it has got lesser processing power. It has been made for the most basic computer use. Athlon Neo and Neo X2 are equivalent to the Atom processor which is found in netbooks and nettops. Since they integrate themselves with ATI graphics, they also give decent multimedia output.

Hope this Intel and AMD processor comparison helped you to know about few of the basics about them. The comparison is not a comprehensive AMD versus INTEL chips comparison, but then gives you intrinsic differences between the two. If you’re planning to get a PC or a laptop computer, I think you now know which would be the best for you.

  1. James says:

    Great blog post. But, I’ve heard that the AMD Phenom x2 is better than the AMD Athlon II. Do you agree?

  2. Luke says:

    Shouldn’t the “Centrino” under Basic Processors read “Celeron”?

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