Facebook Shares Green Technology

Posted: April 13, 2011 in News

Facebook announced recently that it intends to share the design secrets it has incorporated into its new energy-efficient data center. By sharing this technology with rival companies, Facebook hopes to promote better understanding of this technology and encourage innovation in the data-center efficiency arena, with the goal of reducing COS emissions and improve the environment.

Other data centers typically use vast amounts of electricity to operate their computer equipment and keep it cool around the clock. The innovative facility in Prineville, Oregon boasts that it uses 35% less power than other comparable data centers

The new facility is Facebook’s first custom-built plant and cost the company approximately $188 million dollars. The innovative use of outside air, as opposed to an air conditioning system is one of the many environmentally friendly designs being recognized.

The machines themselves are also specially designed to maximize the efficiency of the new cooling system. Facebook has eliminated the use of all nonessential components like paint, logos and stickers, from the machines, claiming a reduction of 6 pounds of materials per server.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg states that the new, efficient data centers will not only reduce emissions, but will also make it easier for Facebook to add new services to its consumer base.

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